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How are the baskets made?

The baskets are made of the highest quality reed. The spokes and weavers are made of ash and the majority of the handles are made of oak. The reed is soaked in hot water and then woven into a basket. The basket is finished with sea grass before it is lashed. The little splinters are then burned off with a propane torch. The basket is then stained with a polyurethane based stain this protects the basket from mold and weathering. If colored reed is used in the basket, it is hand-dyed on the premises and hung on a clothesline to dry. The baskets with a panel attached to the front are truly unique and enhance the artistic beauty of the basket. The panels are three inches tall. They are hand painted by a very talented local artist.

These baskets are often one of a kind and make a lovely gift or addition to your home.

Handmade and Hand Painted Sticker
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