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What are baskets made of?

Every basket has a character that is largely determined by the materials used to make it. That's why Sheldon Farm Baskets uses only materials of the highest quality including: (clicks link below to read more)


Sheldon Farm Baskets uses the best reed available on the market.

Depending upon the basket to be made, we use different widths of reed ranging from 1/8 to 1 wide. The reed to make the spokes is made of ash wood.

reed   reed

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The handles on the baskets are generally made of oak. There is such a variety of handles that it would be difficult to list all of them however, they are all of the highest quality and are very sturdy.


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Colored reed is used in many of the baskets as either an accent to the painted panel or to match a particular room in which the basket will be placed. The reed is hand-dyed outside with Rit Dye (commercially produced) and hung on a clothes line to dry.

rit dye

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The baskets are stained for aesthetic as well as practical reasons. The stain protects the basket from mold and water. The baskets are usually stained with a Minwax Golden Oak or Provincial Stain.


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Wood Panels

The painted baskets have a wood panel attached to them that is made of ash and is hand painted by a local artist. The artist uses acrylic paint and then protects the painting with an acrylic spray.
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Twisted Seagrass

Sea grass is used in every basket before lashing so that the baskets have a nicely finished look.


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